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Collective Worship

Collective Worship

In St Joseph’s Catholic School Collective Worship is an integral part of everyday life

We give time each day to different aspects of our children’s spiritual development and relationship with God.

  • We contemplate the mystery of God
  • We reflect on spiritual and moral issues
  • We explore personal beliefs
  • We respond to and to celebrate life
  • We experience a sense of belonging and to develop community spirit
  • We develop a common ethos and shared values
  • We enrich religious experience
  • We grow in liturgical understanding and development
  • We pray using prayers which are part of the Catholic tradition
  • We partake in creative prayer
  • We reinforce positive attitudes
  • We take time out ‘to wonder at’, ‘to come to terms with’ and ‘to give worth to.’

In St. Joseph’s we plan many of our collective worships with the pupils. They enjoy taking ownership of these spiritual, liturgical events. We contemplate and celebrate the Church’s seasons, feast days and significant dates e.g. CAFOD, International World Peace Day, Remembrance Day, Anti Bullying Day and many more. The whole of St. Joseph’s family is invited to join us at all times. All liturgical events, Masses and weekly Statements to Live by are shared with parents via newsletters, website and ParentMail. Throughout school we display our religious artwork to celebrate our special and unique love of Jesus. Each of our classroom’s have beautiful focal points that reflect the liturgical seasons. The focal points also display the creative prayer work that the pupils have initiated and developed throughout their  RE topics.  The pupils also have time for personal prayer, through our school chapel and whole school focal points.