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Our Faith

Our Faith

At St. Joseph's Catholic Middle School, our faith is the core of all that we do, and we express this in many ways.

At St. Joseph’s Catholic Middle School, our faith is the core of all that we do, and we express this in many ways. We have daily Liturgical prayer, school prayers and weekly assemblies. Our children celebrate Mass at our local parish church on a regular basis. Our Statements to Live by are visible throughout our school and linked to the Gospel reading of the week. Both Fr Jeff and Fr Luke visit our school to support our RE curriculum, Liturgical prayer and Catholic life of our school.

Our curriculum and ethos promote the mission of Jesus in our pupils, teaching them to be thoughtful, compassionate, understanding, and considerate young people. Connections are made between the words of Jesus and how we act and take care of others in our own lives. The Religious Education we teach is in KS2 is in line with the Diocesan guidelines and the ‘Come and See, scheme of work. KS3 is a bespoke curriculum, which is derived from Cardinal Hume’s Catholic Secondary School R.E curriculum.

We encourage all children to contribute to many faith-based activities and we are welcoming and inclusive of all. Opportunities are open to everyone to lead and participate in prayers, readings and singing whatever their faith. We embrace the culture of all children and follow a planned programme of work to promote the faiths of others in our world.


Prayer at St. Joseph’s is a central part of school life. In school we pray in a variety of ways:

  • Each day begins with Liturgical prayer either within form classes, key stages or whole school.
  • Prayers are said before and after lunch and the end of the school day.
  • Each classroom has a focal prayer area which includes words from Scripture, Liturgical images, artefacts and prayers.
  • Time and opportunities are given for personal prayer in our spiritual garden and at various focal points throughout the school building.
  • Mass is celebrated regularly in our local parish church or in school.