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Year 8

Year 8


At St Joseph’s we believe that there is value in children completing regular homework to complement their work in lessons.

Homework is work that is set to be done outside the timetabled curriculum. It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher. Homework is important in raising student achievement.

Homework enhances pupil learning, improves achievement, and develops pupils’ study skills and as such is an integral part of the curriculum. It requires careful planning and integration into the scheme of work of each curriculum area ensuring there is appropriate challenge and choice for all pupils. All homework activities should be purposeful, appropriate for individual pupil needs, and be related to work the pupils are doing at school.

An integral part of homework is the expectation that children read for at least 20 minutes each night. Pupils are expected to record this in their planner.

In addition, the children will have weekly form time spellings and subject vocabulary to learn. These are recorded in the pupil planner by the child. Revision and consolidation of any aspects of school’s Calculation policy for mathematics, which is on the website, is also encouraged and the learning of times tables. Pupils will indicate the times table in their planner so that form teachers and maths teachers are aware and can help consolidate.

Maths and English homework at St. Joseph’s

Children in  Y8 are expected to complete weekly English and mathematics homework.

The length of each subject homework will vary but an average will be 45 mins. (Y7 and 8).

Teachers will give a due date for homework to be completed. If homework is not handed in without good reason i.e. a note from parent in planner, the pupil will receive a note in their planner and the teacher will record it for feedback when reporting to parents.

Other homework at St Joseph’s

Each half term, all pupils will be set the choice of a piece of homework. This homework could be open ended and is intended to promote independent work and research. It is designed to inspire and motivate pupils to work in an area of interest. The homework will be set at the start of each half term and details will be on the school website. There is a minimum of 2 pieces of work to be completed although pupils can complete more if they wish to.

Y8 pupils may also be asked to learn vocabulary and grammar for Spanish and French.

Homework - Spring Term January 2022

Remote Learning

Remote learning is a method by which a teacher is able to continue teaching a pupil, or an entire class, using online resources or facilities such as Google Classroom.  Remote learning can consist of ‘self-guided’ lessons, which contain resources, videos, and instructions that allow a pupil to independently work through the lesson – or they may take the form of ‘live lessons’ where the teacher interacts with the pupils through video-conferencing technology.

The method preferred by the school is for staff, where possible, to directly teach the lesson via ‘live lessons’.  Such sessions are interactive and children participating are able to ask questions online to deepen their understanding – working with the teacher as they would in a classroom.  Some work will also be delivered via ‘self-guided’ lessons, though children should still be able to contact their teacher and ask for help and feedback via their Google Classroom.

Our school recognises that home circumstances will vary between different families, as will access to equipment and the availability of at-home adult support.  Where possible we are happy to support families with access to equipment, particularly laptops and internet access – and you should contact the school if you believe this may be required.

Additionally, we recognise that flexibility and additional support may be required for some pupils to help them cope with the demands of remote learning and parent/carers should contact school if there are any concerns.

Remote learning will take place in the event of children having to be sent home to self-isolate or in the event of a national lockdown;

  • Remote learning will only be delivered by approved staff from St Joseph’s Catholic Middle School
  • Remote learning, in particular live lessons, is the preferred method offered by the school, but must be consented to by parent/carers. Parent/carers who are unable or unwilling to access virtual learning should contact the school for alternative support.
  • Pupils and staff will only make use of the software and platforms that has been risk assessed and approved for remote learning by the school.
  • Pupils and staff will only communicate through the approved channels established by the school and at the approved times.
  • Parent/carers should contact the school if they cannot access our remote learning provision and we will explore how to support you, or provide an alternative if needed


As a school, we have access to mymaths.co.uk with the username stjosephs32 and the password is square58.  Once the children have accessed the site using this information, they can then enter their individual username and password into their portal. This is where work can be assigned by their teacher.  If work is assigned here, we will inform the children via google classroom.  This is a great website with interactive tutorials, activities, and games so can be used freely as well as when guided by a teacher.

Click Here to access MyMaths

School360/Google Classroom

Pupils at St Joseph’s have all been provided with information in order to access google classroom via School360. Most of our pupils have used this on numerous occasions both in school and for homework.  Codes to join classrooms have been sent out to parents via ParentMail.

Click Here to access School360