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Art statement of intent

Through the teaching of art at St Josephs, the aim is to provide all pupils with opportunities to be creative and experiment with their art.

Time is given to explore explore the main formal aspects of art (colour, line, tone, shade, tone) by drawing, paints, and some 3D sculpting skills.

As pupils progress through the key stages, they will be able to make independent choices about selecting materials for purpose.

In both key stages, pupils will learn about some major artists who have influenced some major art movements eg Andy Warhol and pop art.

Development of basic skills learnt up to year 4 will be built upon, so that by the end of year 8, (mid key stage 3) pupils will be fully skilled and ready to further their art in year 9 and then into GCSE and beyond.

Confidence, enthusiasm and a love of experimenting with art is a key intention at St Joseph’s. The can-do positive attitude to learning and the practising of skills is vital in this curriculum area.

It is intended to deliver a curriculum which is planned carefully with middle schools and high school within the Tyne valley, this will ensure even coverage of curriculum and the development of skills.