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St Joseph’s is committed to the development of pupils understanding the Catholic faith

In our RE lessons, we:

  • Enable our children to build a positive and loving relationship with God.
  • Enable our children to understand God’s word through creative teaching; drama, art, singing, music, dance and a variety of writing styles.
  • Enable our children to express their spiritual values in all aspects of every day life.
  • Enable our children to become aware of the faith and traditions of other religious communities in order to respect and understand them.

In St Joseph’s 10% of our curriculum time is allocated to Religious Education. We follow the vibrant ‘Come and See’ programme which is highly recommended by the Diocese. It is consistently updated and reviewed with new interactive materials to stimulate, promote and enhance the children’s understanding. Assessment is carried out as per the guidelines from the Diocese which involves rigorous tracking of pupil progress and termly assessment tasks. Both in house and external moderation occur on a regular basis. Parents have the right of withdrawal from RE for their children.

The school has a separate Policy for the withdrawal from RE.

  • Intention

    Both schools in our Federation; St. Mary’s RC First School and St. Joseph’s RC Middle school are committed to the Catholic Faith.  The intent of our RE curriculum is to ensure that our mission and vision are embedded across our schools; The Gospel Values are inextricably linked through everything we teach. Our RE curriculum is central to the whole school curriculum and underpins all teaching.  It is the ‘core of the core.’ Religious education is never simply one subject among many, but the foundation of our entire educational process.

    At the heart of our Catholic education lies the Christian vision of the human person; recognising that everyone should continuously be growing in their well-being, their true potential and that they are distinct and unique individuals made in the image and likeness of God.   It is this, which forms our daily life as a community, in which faith is expressed and shared through every aspect of its day.  Through the pattern of daily prayer, through works of charity, through a striving for justice, we seek to be a Christian community, in which the content and the life of faith is shared.

    The Catholic faith’s comprehension of the meaning of life, is explored and experienced by all those taking part in the life of our schools, whether baptised Catholics or not, practising faith in their own parish/community or not.  Everyone is taught to be respectful and understanding of people and traditions from other faith backgrounds. It is central, that everyone feels respected and is a valued member of our Catholic school community.

    It is our intent that our RE curriculum leads every child to aspire to be more, not to have more and that our children learn about their unique place within their home, school, and community and that we ultimately preserve the dignity of each and every individual.

  • Implementation

    Both schools in our Federation; St. Mary’s RC First School and St. Joseph’s RC Middle School share the beliefs, values, and practises of Catholic RE.  Our pupils will be inspired to fulfil these teachings in their day to day lives as the whole school ethos and curriculum is underpinned by the Gospel Values at which ‘Christ is the Centre.’

    The RE curriculum for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 follows the Diocese ‘Come and See’ scheme of work.  This is full of insightful materials which ensures consistency and progression with a year-on-year approach.   Our weekly timetable allocates ten percent of its time to RE. This is line with diocesan directive.

    Please follow the link below to see the curriculum overview.  Link to be added

    The RE KS3 curriculum is bespoke to St. Joseph’s Middle School and has been inspired by RE leaders at Cardinal Hume Secondary School, Gateshead, and the scheme of work The Truth, The Light and The Way.

    Please follow the link below to see the curriculum overview. Link to be added

    Following Diocesan guidance, the progression of our RE teaching is based upon the statements provided in the Age-Related Standards interim document.

    Please follow the link below to see the document. Link to be added

    Both St. Mary’s RC First School and St. Joseph’s Middle school gather each morning in class for daily collective worship, plus prayers are said at timely intervals throughout the day.  The timetable encompasses regular weekly assemblies plus whole school or class-based liturgies.  All children across the federation attend Mass regularly throughout the school year at our local parish.

    Please follow the link to see the Collective Worship timetables.  Link to be added

    Please see the link to see Mass timetables.  Link to be added

    Across our schools the pupils are encouraged to be involved and participate in the Mini Vinnies, Friendships Ambassadors, the Spiritual Council, Charity fundraising and Social Justice campaigns and gardening groups.

    We embrace Christian well-being through the organisation of ELSA and Rainbow groups.

  • Impact

    Both schools in our Federation; St. Mary’s First School and St. Joseph’s Middle School will present and promote an exceptionally positive rationale for RE in every aspect of school life.

    The pupils’ unique faith will enlighten the belief that their lives are a gift from God and that prayer and worship are a way to nourish their relationship with God.  That this relationship will give them the strength and courage to face new situations, give them determination and resilience in the face of difficulty and discernment in their decisions. They will be appreciative of blessings and grateful to others and to God.

    Pupils’ will develop relationships through the virtues of forgiveness, honesty, care, and respect.  They will be loyal and able to develop friendships, compassionate by being able to empathise with the suffering of others and be generous by being able to help others in trouble.  They will be forgiving through developing the skills of reconciliation.  They will be courteous in their dealings with friends and strangers and honest by being committed to living truthfully. God calls us to be charitable, non – judgemental, kind, and respectful.  They will understand that that everyone expresses their uniqueness in different ways and that being different is not always easy – they will preserve the dignity of every individual.

    The RE curriculum will form the whole person, in partnership with their parents.  It will be an education in conscience that is striving for the Common Good.

The Catholic identity of St Josephs is clear and visible. Children and their families from other Christian denominations and faiths are warmly welcomed to this worshipping community and readily chose to play an integral part in the development of the Catholic Life of the School

- Diocesan Inspection Report