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Home Learning

Home Learning

Please click on the Year Group below to access the work set for your child.

Year 5

(Year 5 Suggested Timetable)

Year 6

(Year 6 Suggested Timetable)

Year 7

(Year 7 Suggested Timetable)

Year 8

(Year 8 Suggested Timetable)

We continue to follow advice from Public Health England regarding COVID-19 and we are regularly updating our website. The school remains open for children of key workers and vulnerable children. We ask that parents follow the guidance around symptoms when deciding whether to send their child to school.

If your child is not attending school, we ask for your support in ensuring that learning continues. To support this, we have put various measures in place; we are aiming to make it as easy as possible for pupils (and for parents supporting them) to continue their education.

We have surveyed pupils to ensure they have access to the internet at home as this is the easiest way for us to set work and monitor pupils’ progress from a distance. For those who do not have internet access, we have provided paper-based activities.

We now have a section of our website dedicated to Home Learning. Here you will find resources that your child will be able to access to ensure that learning continues. You will also find a suggested timetable that you could follow if your child needs structure and routine to their day. Please ensure your child keeps any completed work so that it can be shared with their teacher in the future.

Over the next few weeks we intend to set up Google Classroom which would enable the pupils to interact with their teachers and get feedback on their work. Please keep checking your messages as we will be sending home usernames and passwords in the near future. Work will then be posted by teachers to ensure that your child gets a broad curriculum when learning at home. 

You will also find a list of suggested websites that your child can access. These lists are constantly changing as education providers are allowing free use of their resources and more research takes place.

This is a situation none of us could have prepared for so I urge you to abide by the Government advice and keep checking our website and messages to ensure the children are kept safe, happy and educated.

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