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St Joseph's R.C. Middle School

Make £5 Grow

Virgin Money – Make £5 Grow

Make £5 Grow gives young people aged between 9 and 11 years old the experience of starting a small business using a £5 loan from Virgin Money. The programme gives pupils an insight into how business works and helps them to build skills for the future, such as teamworking, problem solving, leadership, money management and creativity.

Mr Hudson split the children into groups. From here the children were asked to come up with money making ideas.

The £5 they were given each would go towards a start up cost for the business (e.g. A Car Wash business; £5 could be spent on car shampoo and sponges and buckets). The children were asked to think about not only the actual business but their promotion and advertisment which would also cost them money.

On Thursday 25th October 2018 their Grow £5 fair took place. Lots of parents came to visit as well as the rest of the school. A total amount of money raised will be revealed soon!

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