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St Joseph's R.C. Middle School

Our Staff

St Joseph’s Staff List 2020 – 2021

Mr P Naughton Executive Headteacher
Mrs K Seddon Deputy Headteacher
Mrs J Gelson Assistant Headteacher and Y5 form teacher
Mr G Simpson Assistant Headteacher, Y6 form teacher & KS2 Co-ordinator
Mrs S Carlson Year 5 form teacher
Miss K Mooney Year 5 form teacher & subject leader of French
Miss A Armstrong Year 6 form teacher
Mr R Hudson Year 6 form teacher & subject leader of History
Miss G Dodds Year 6 form teacher
Mr R Secker Year 7 form teacher & subject leader of P.E and Geography
Mrs C Hagger Year 7 form teacher & subject leader of PSHE
Mr T Rogstad Year 7 form teacher & subject leader of Computing and Technology
Mrs K Coulson Year 8 form teacher & subject leader of English
Mr M Seddon Year 8 form teacher
Mrs L Dotchin Year 8 form teacher, subject leader of mathematics and SENDCo
Mrs J Sinclair Teacher of Design Technology
Mr P Rosier Subject leader of music and KS3 Co-ordinator with responsibility for Behaviour & Standards
Mrs E Stoves Inclusion Support Manager
Mrs V Lockhart HTLA
Mr J Tinsley Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Storey Teaching Assistant & ELSA
Mrs C Burgess Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Tiffin Teaching Assistant
Miss K Carr Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Binns Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Shield Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Plunkett Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Laws Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Mellor Senior Federation Admin Manager
Mrs H Forster Admin Assistant
Mrs P Gormley Admin Assistant
Miss A Hutchinson Admin Assistant
Miss A Henricks Admin Assistant
Mrs V Forster Admin Assistant
Mr A Fenwick Caretaker
Mr F Mckie Cleaner
Mr A Moulding Cleaner
Miss K Forster Cleaner
Mrs C Hudson Unit Manager
Mrs B Teasdale Kitchen Assistant and Cleaner
Mrs S McMahon Kitchen Assistant

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