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St Joseph's R.C. Middle School

Our Staff

St Joseph’s Staff List 2018 – 2019

Mrs Fiona Conley Executive Headteacher
Mrs Kate Seddon Deputy Headteacher
Mr Gavin Simpson Assistant Headteacher, Year 5 form teacher & KS2 Co-ordinator
Mrs Carolyn Hagger Year 5 form teacher & subject leader for PSHE
Miss Andrea Armstrong Year 5 form teacher
Miss Katie Mooney Year 6 form teacher & subject leader for French
Mr Robert Hudson Year 6 form teacher & subject leader of History
Miss Grace Dodds Year 6 form teacher
Mr Richard Secker Year 7 form teacher & subject leader of PE and Geography
Mrs Sarah Carlson Year 7 form teacher
Mr Tim Rogstad Year 7 form teacher & subject leader of Design Technology & Computing
Mrs Kirsten Coulson Year 8 form teacher & subject leader of English
Mr Mike Seddon Year 8 form teacher
Mrs Leanne Dotchin Year 8 form teacher, subject leader for mathematics and SENDCo
Mrs Julie Sinclair Teacher of Design Technology
Mr Philip Rosier Subject leader of music and KS3 Co-ordinator with responsibility for Behaviour & Standards
Mrs Jane Armstrong Subject teacher of English and Mathematics
Mrs Nikki Hassett Subject teacher
Mrs Claire Miller Subject leader for Art

Mrs Eleanor Stoves Inclusion Support Manager
Mrs Elaine Storey Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carol Burgess Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sharon Erving Teaching Assistant
Mrs Angela Tiffin Teaching Assistant
Mrs Paula Ferguson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kris Binns Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vita Lockhart  HLTA
Ms Lorraine Steele  HLTA
Mrs Clare Shield Teaching Assistant
Mrs Helen Plunkett Teaching Assistant
Miss S Dodd Teaching Asssistant
Mrs Alison Mellor Data Manager
Mrs Helen Forster Administrative Assistant
Mrs Susan Henderson Administrative Assistant
Miss Amy Henricks Clerical Assistant
Miss Anna Hutchinson Apprentice Administrative Assistant

Mr Neil Spence Caretaker
Mr Farrel McKie Cleaner
Mr Terry Stokoe Cleaner
Mr Andrew Moulding Cleaner
Mrs Carol Hudson Unit Manager
Mrs Leanne Doherty Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Boonsanong Teasdale Kitchen Assistant
Miss Kayleigh Brown Kitchen Assistant

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