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School Uniform

School Uniform

We really believe in encouraging our children to take pride in their appearance and to be smart. This helps with our school value of respect and in order for our school to be truly inclusive, uniform should be exactly that - uniform - so that no-one stands out. Our pupils individuality and uniqueness can and will be encouraged in many other ways!

The St Joseph’s RC Middle School uniform was chosen after consultation with parents/carers, governors and pupils.

The agreed school wear reflects the school’s aims and ethos as a place of learning. It is smart and sensible for everyday wear and presents a good image of the pupils and their school when they are on public display.

Uniform should be appropriate both with regard to the uniform guidance (see below) and in the judgement of Senior Staff.

Full school uniform must be worn every day unless pupils are told otherwise.

Please see our FAQ’s section to answer any uniform-related questions.

Boys Uniform

  • School blazer with St Joseph’s school logo
  • White short-sleeved shirt
  • Grey trousers or shorts
  • Clip-on gold and navy tie
  • V-neck navy/gold jumper (optional)
  • Plain, black polishable shoes

Girls Uniform

  • School blazer with St Joseph’s school logo
  • White short-sleeved shirt
  • Navy skirt or trousers
  • Clip-on gold and navy tie
  • V-neck navy/gold jumper (optional)
  • Plain, black, low-heeled, polishable shoes.

P.E Kits

Boys PE Kit

  • Navy polo shirt
  • Navy PE shorts
  • Navy PE socks
  • Navy hoody top
  • Plain navy jogging bottoms
  • Sports trainer

Girls PE Kit

  • Navy polo shirt
  • Navy PE shorts/skort
  • Navy PE socks
  • Navy hoody top
  • Plain navy leggings
  • Sports trainers

Frequently Asked Uniform Questions

  • Where can school uniform be purchased from?

    Uniform can be purchased from: 

    SALTO UK Ltd, Low Prudhoe, Industrial Estate, 3D Princess Ct, Prudhoe NE42 6PL

    Tel:  01661 835 240

    E mail: enquiries@saltouk.com

    Website: https://www.saltouk.com/

  • Is my child allowed to wear jewellery?

    We allow pupils to wear:


    Earrings (1 pair only and they must be removed for PE or you will not be allowed to take part in PE for Health and Safety) should be gold, blue or silver studs

    Necklace – crucifix or cross only

  • Do you have a policy on hair/makeup?

    Extreme hairstyles are not allowed. Hair must be blended if hair is cut short

    No lines or steps allowed

    Hair colouring is permitted for Y8 only but must be in natural colours

    No makeup allowed

    No nail varnish or fake nails

  • Do all items of uniform need to be purchased at SALTO UK?

    No, here is a list of items that can be purchased from another supplier/shop.


    Grey school trousers,

    Plain white school shirt

    School Shoes


    Grey/Navy school trousers or skirt,

    Plain white school shirt

    Summer Dress/Pinafore Dress

    School Shoes

  • Do you have any P.E kit requirements?

    Trainers do not need to be any specific colour/style

    Children should always bring their P.E Kit. If you are excused from taking part physically you will still get changed (if possible) and be engaged in the learning of the lesson

    Sanctions are in place for when students forget their P.E Kit

    Any pupils with long hair are expected to bring a hair bobble to every lesson to tie their hair back

  • Can my child wear black trainers?

    No, branded black trainers are not allowed. We do not allow trainer-type shoes such as Air Force 1s, Converse, Vans. From Sept 2021 there will be absolutely no children allowed to wear these trainer-type shoes. 

    We ask that children have plain, black, polishable school shoes.