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St Joseph's R.C. Middle School



Subject Leader – Mrs J Gelson

R.E Curriculum Overview

  • allow students to develop an understanding what it means to be part of a faith community and a Catholic in a secular society. 

  • develop pupils’ literacy and understanding of how religious beliefs can affect the behavior and lifestyle of a believer. 

  • empower students to be active participants in their spiritual, moral and academic development. To engage the ‘teacher within’ our pupils by setting tasks that encourage the pursuit of truth through reflection, critical thinking and independent learning. 

  • create a learning environment that encourages every pupil to fulfill their God-given potential. Encourage pupils to develop their verbal and written communication skills through a variety of learning and teaching styles and activities. 

  • to work with the Heavenfield Partnership to provide a varied spiritual life through masses, the sacrament of reconciliation, retreats, and extra-curricular trips.

  • make pupils more aware of the environment in which they live, encouraging stewardship of the world around them and the development of positive attitudes and values towards people of all faiths and none, so that they are better prepared for a life as responsible, caring individuals within a multicultural society.

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