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St Joseph's R.C. Middle School

School Day and Uniform

School Day and Uniform

The School Day:

Registration   8.40 – 8.55am

Lesson 1            8 .55 – 9.55am

Lesson 2           9.55 – 10.55am

Assembly         10.55 – 11.10am

Break                11.10 – 11.25am

Lesson 3           11.25 – 12. 25pm

Lunch               12.25 – 1.20pm

Registration   1.20 – 1.30pm

Lesson 4            1.30 – 2.25pm

Lesson 5            2.25 – 3.20pm


School Uniform:

As you know we pride ourselves on the appearance of our pupils and we thank you for supporting us in maintaining the high standards of uniform. The required uniform is shown below:


Navy blue sweatshirt with school badge

Gold polo shirt with school badge

Plain black shoes

Mid Grey Trousers

Navy blue skirt or trousers (optional GIRLS)


Navy blue headed sweatshirt (with school badge)

Royal blue polo shirt

Royal blue football shorts

Royal blue football socks


All items of uniform (except trousers, skirts and shoes) can be purchased from Greggs Sports, Battle Hill, Hexham

 Please note that jeans, leggings or fashion clothing are not school uniform. 

Wearing the correct school uniform is listed in the Home-School agreement in the school planner. The staff and governors greatly appreciate the parental support in this matter. I am sure you will agree that by working together we will maintain the high standards that we have here at St Joseph’s RC Middle School

Thanks for your continued support.  


Children should come to school provided with basic equipment for all lessons. The following are some of the essential items they will need:-

A pencil case, containing pencils, blue ink or roller ball pen, a red and a green biro ruler, rubber, coloured pencils, pritt stick

Complete uniform and PE Kit, clearly marked with the child’s name.

Any special equipment requested for particular lessons e.g. an apron for technology.

Useful items also include a children’s dictionary and a basic calculator. (There is no need to buy expensive scientific calculator







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