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St Joseph's R.C. Middle School

Wellbeing Day

St Joseph's R.C. Middle School

Wellbeing Day

Wellbeing Day – 12th February 2021

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Attached is a beautiful piece of music to go along with your well being day. It is called ‘An ending’ composed by a gentleman called Brian  Eno.  He is a very talented musician who has produced several pieces of music for television and films over the last few decades. If you are in school you will have to ask the class teacher to play this music on the whiteboard speakers but if you are at home please use a set of headphones.
First of all I want you to think about why we listen to music… The main purpose of music is to create a feeling within us whether that is happy, sad, scared, excited as well as many other emotions. Music can often be described as feelings in sound.  The piece you are going to listen to was also designed to do this but I will let you decide what the emotional context is.  Below is what I would like you to do:
1. Simply listen to the piece for about 5 minutes.
2. During that time close your eyes and deeply listen to all of the sounds.
3. When you are ready open your eyes and write down what the music makes you feel. This is just for you, no one else has to see what you write unless you feel you want to share.
4. Write down a short explanation of how you think the music creates these emotions. You could use the elements of music to help e.g. tempo (speed), timbre (instruments), pitch (high/low sounds), dynamics ( volume) and texture (thick or thin).
I hope you enjoy this piece and remember music is always a great gateway to keeping our well-being in check.

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Mindfulness drawing:

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